BaalVeer Returns
BaalVeer Returns

BaalVeer Returns

After the successful run of Season 1,makers of BaalVeer are coming with ‘BaalVeer Returns’ with some changes..

SABTV’ BaalVeer is one of the most popular kids Fantasy show of its time.Since it ended, fans were requesting to bring it back.So,finally the show makers is set to launch Season 2.

BaalVeer is produced by Optimystix Entertainment.Manav Ma

Promos of BaalVeer Returns are already on the channel.And the response of its fans can be seen easily on internet.

BaalVeer Season 1 story revolved around a kid BaalVeer.The character was played by Dev Joshi.He is shown living in Pari Lok while other characters were from Earth.

The kids from earth who took the story forward were-Manav,Meher,Montu and his friends.

Manav was played by Rudra Soni while Anushka Sen played Meher.They were shown brother and sister.

Basically,the story of show revolved around how BaalVeer protect the kids from negative forces around the world.

As the new Season is coming,replacement news is also there.The news is Vansh Sayani will play lead role of BaalVeer. But some sources are saying that BaalVeer will be played by Dev Joshi himself.

Lets see who will get to play lead role of BaalVeer in new season.

And also,whether Manav,Meher-Montu will also be there or not?.What changes will be in Season 2?

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