ansh to throw pia out
Ansh to throw Pia out

Ansh to throw Pia out of the house in Star Plus’Nazar?

Star Plus’Nazar(4 Lions Films)is riding high on trp. All due to its strong storyline ,direction and great performance by its actors.

Now makers are ready with new twist related to Karan wings.As we know, Karan gave his wings to Ansh in recent track before turning into statue.

Mohana also wanted those wings to increase her power.So, Mohana tries to make Ansh commit a huge crime.

By this,the wings of Karan will get seperate from Ansh and she can stole them.This will make Mohana more powerful.

So,in order to make Ansh commit a crime,she hypnotizes Vedashree and put her along with karan. So that Ansh stabs Vedashree unknowingly.And she can take wings.

But Pia and other family members reached at time and ruins Mohana’s plan.

But Mohana comes back to Pia and says-“Story has just started..” and she challenges Pia that she will make Ansh throw her out of the house in next 7 days.

So we can say that soon Mohana evilness will be at its best for creating distrubance in Pia-Ansh life.

As this show never shows already used plots, hope this track will also be a different one.

And will Mohana win this time?

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